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This is due to one of the following reasons:

  1. The standard is not (yet) included in the national library.
  2. The standard is already included, but is still in the admission process for a certain category. For example, mandatory as part of the system catalog. In that case, search through the national library’s search function.

If you are missing a particular standard please contact

Based on the supplied data about the healthcare ICT standard in question, a process will be completed, after which a standard will or will not be added to the national library.

6 January 2024

Nictiz Releases Calendar: Your Guide to National Health Standards Library Updates

We are excited to introduce the Nictiz Releases Calendar, your comprehensive guide to the releases of standards in our esteemed National Health Standards Library. With this calendar, healthcare providers, software developers, and other stakeholders can effortlessly track the scheduled updates and releases of standards vital to the Dutch healthcare sector.

By accessing the calendar, you gain valuable insights into upcoming releases, allowing you to plan your implementations, upgrades, and integrations effectively. With Nictiz Releases Calendar, we empower you to stay at the forefront of health informatics, seamlessly aligning with the latest industry standards and best practices. Together, let’s embrace interoperability and drive forward the digital transformation of healthcare in the Netherlands.