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The National library

A total overview of all standards used within healthcare ICT. In time, as part of the national library, the interoperable standards, including APIs, will be named within the system catalog. This is what the National Library for Healthcare ICT Standards offers.

For example, do you want to know:

– which ICT standards you need to support a use case?
– which vendor supports a standard?
– what generic standards there are (such as zibs)?

Here you will find all the answers to such questions. The user-friendly user interface of the library helps you to make the right choices. This is a basic version of the library. Based on feedback from the field, Nictiz is adding new functionalities.

The advantages

From now on, when implementing within a hospital, or developing software, users only need to look in one place. Here you can find all information about the standards to be used, including their specifications.

In the library you can see where to find all the standards and whether they are legally required or not.

For some standards there is also a link to Amigo: the knowledge platform of Nictiz. It supports healthcare providers in realizing digital information exchange. This also provides you with the corresponding documentation to implement the information standards.

Current version

The version available now is a basic version to which new features will be added in successive releases. Feedback is most welcome.

Mandatory standards

Nictiz will shape the management of the system of standards. Management (by Nictiz) and Control (by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport) of the system of standards aims to achieve greater coherence between and effectiveness of the information standards in healthcare. Part of Nictiz’s management task will be the creation and maintenance of a catalog of all standards active in the system.

The system catalog will eventually become part of the national library. The associated procedures for including and phasing out (versions of) standards in the system catalog are being developed and will follow in a later release.

The role of Nictiz

Nictiz is the administrator of the National Library. In doing so, we provide standards (including information standards) and coordinate their collection. We work together with other standards organizations, suppliers, field parties and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. In this way we ensure that the library is easy to find, accessible and practical and matches what field parties ask for.

In particular, the library has been realized to bring all (field) parties together for the proper deployment of standards. They are given access to add, edit and include multiple versions of their own standards. As a knowledge organization, Nictiz assesses which standards are relevant, have a preferred position or are mandatory to use.